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Tennessee slip-and-fall accidents can be complex

When a member of the public is injured on Tennessee property due to the owner or manager's fault or negligence, the question of who is responsible isn't always clear-cut. For instance, if businesses hire management or maintenance companies to maintain their premises and then slip\-and\-fall accidents occur anyway, several parties may be liable for injuries incurred. Premises liability can be very complex with varying levels of responsibility, and the guidance of an experienced attorney is often beneficial in such cases.

A recent incident in another state may be a good example. A man has filed a lawsuit alleging that the combined negligence of both a Wawa franchise and its on-premises maintenance company resulted in an accident that left him seriously injured. The lawsuit names as defendants both Wawa, Inc. and K&S Greenday Services, Inc.

Defective drugs and medical device cost Medicare billions

Despite a sharp increase in recalled medical devices during the first part of the 2000s, the federal government claims that it does not have adequate data that is needed to track problem devices. Despite this claim, Medicare recently disclosed that it spent $1.5 billion on defective cardiac devices in a single decade. Defective drugs and medical devices are much more than a financial drain; they are also a serious threat to the health and well-being of Tennessee patients.

A study that looked at data from 2003 to 2012 determined that recalls for defective medical devices almost doubled. Many of those recalls were for cardiac devices, which can have life or death implications. However, the report that revealed this serious issue failed to name any of the involved device makers. The office of the Inspector General recommended that Medicare begin requiring device identifiers on claim forms when a patient undergoes a procedure for device replacement because of recall or failure.

When a heartburn drug does more than kill the heat

Heartburn, many Tennessee residents suffer with it almost daily. To combat the pain and discomfort, they turn to over-the-counter medications that do seem to help, but at what cost? Have you tried heartburn medications such as Nexium or Prilosec only to be diagnosed with a major medical issue as a result?

When you read the warning labels on many drugs, both prescription and OTC, you'll often find that the possible side effects seem worse than the problem you are trying to treat. Still, you try because you just want some level of relief. They're safe right? Not necessarily. When it comes to heartburn medication, specifically, drugs like Nexium and Prilosec have been linked to kidney failure, bone fractures, dementia and premature death -- among a variety of other health issues.

Defective drugs and medical devices can cause grave injury

Drug companies and the manufacturers of medical devices have a legal responsibility to make certain the products they create and sell are both safe and medically sound. Too many residents of Tennessee rely on these substances and items, often at the advice of their doctors; patients count on these things to improve their health and well-being. When defective drugs and medical devices cause serious injury, the results can prove catastrophic, if not fatal.

In another state, a couple is seeking damages in a lawsuit alleging just such a medical device failure. The complaint claims that, following a surgery, the husband developed a serious bacterial infection due to the defective design of the medical device used during his operation. The lawsuit names as defendants Livanova Deutschland GmbH and Sorin Group USA Inc., and alleges, among other counts, negligence regarding design defects.

Slip-and-fall accidents in Walmart often not the customer's fault

Store owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their property safe for customers and to make sure that their employees are trained to do the same. Otherwise, there's a potential for injury due to poorly maintained parking lots or regarding slip\-and\-fall accidents on messy floors. While a recent slip-and-fall incident didn't occur in Tennessee, with the number of Walmarts in the Clarksville area, it very well could have.

A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit after she slipped and fell in a Walmart. According to the complaint, the defendant, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., failed to clean up an unknown substance. This, the suit asserts, resulted in the plaintiff slipping and falling.

Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges permanent surgical injuries

In the professional medical world, whether in Tennessee or any other state, a certain standard of care is not just expected, it's required. When a doctor, surgeon or any other type of health care provider fails to meet that standard of care, they endanger not just the health but the very lives of the patients they are supposed to be helping. This egregious negligence is considered medical malpractice, and in another state, a man has recently filed a lawsuit because of the injuries he was left with, allegedly due to surgical errors.

The lawsuit names as defendants Spinetech Neurosurgery and a brain and spine center where the surgeries were performed, as well as the doctor who performed the initial – and allegedly harmful – surgery. According to the complaint, the plaintiff underwent surgery due to neck pain. Shortly thereafter, the patient began to feel a heaviness in his legs.

Where to seek support following Tennessee trucking accidents

The obvious weight disparity between tractor-trailers and average size automobiles makes it easy to understand why collisions between these types of vehicles often result in fatalities or serious injuries. Not only might physical recoveries following trucking accidents be lengthy and arduous, the undue financial toll such incidents can take on families is often challenging to overcome as well. This is one of many reasons recovering Tennessee truck accident victims often file claims against truck drivers and their employers based upon evidence of negligence.

There are several burdens of proof inherent in any personal injury claim. When filing a claim in the hope of recouping one's losses following a truck accident, each condition must be satisfied before the court will award compensation. Generally speaking, a plaintiff must show that a defendant (or defendants) owed a duty of care to the plaintiff.

Judge says legal process may continue re defective medical device

Anyone in Tennessee who has undergone a medical procedure to insert a cardiac defibrillator machine as treatment for a heart condition may want to pay close attention to an ongoing situation in another state. A man has filed a lawsuit against St. Jude Medical manufacturing company regarding an allegedly defective medical device that he says caused him injury. The manufacturer of the device has already settled a slew of lawsuits surrounding the product in 2015, before another company took over its ownership.

The defibrillator leads in question were pulled off the market in a massive federal recall several years ago. It was determined that there was a wiring problem in the product that apparently caused internal conductors to wear through insulation. This placed medical patients at risk for unnecessary and unwanted electrical shocks.

Don't be the only one to pay for a doctor's medical mistake

You naturally trust doctors with your life and your health. However, even the best of physicians can make mistakes. In some cases, the mistake is serious enough to cause you harm.

A doctor in Tennessee may, for example, fail to diagnose a health problem such as cancer. In such instances of medical malpractice, you may end up suffering for a significantly extended period of time, which can be both emotionally distressing and financially costly.

Living through the aftermath of Tennessee trucking accidents

Among the many types of situations that can cause anxiety and stress while driving, having a tractor-trailer come barreling up behind you on the highway is definitely high on the list. In fact, many motorists would rather take an alternate route that leads out of their way if it means that chances of avoiding these massive vehicles may be increased. Trucking accidents often plague Tennessee roadways, many times resulting in fatalities or life-threatening injuries.

Commercial truck drivers are held to higher safety standards than the average citizen. Even the laws and regulations regarding possible criminal offenses, such as those governing drunk driving matters are much more stringent for those who carry commercial drivers' licenses. This doesn't stop all truckers from recklessness, however.

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