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Defective drugs and medical devices in Tennessee hospitals

The need for medical care will never go away. Every day, someone in Tennessee calls a doctor, undergoes surgery or otherwise seeks medical attention. Because such care is often crucial to a person's recovery (in fact it may be life-saving) things like defective drugs and medical devices that malfunction should not be present in any medical facility throughout the state.

However, such things are often not only present, but administered to patients who then suffer serious injuries or illnesses, sometimes even death. Whether a manufacturer negligently placed a defective product into the hands of consumers is a question that must be answered when an injured patient files a legal claim in court. Was the device poorly designed? Were the potential dangerous side effects of a drug not adequately labeled on the product?

Birth injury, negligence and other medical malpractice issues

Most Tennessee women who enter hospitals in this state for the purpose of giving birth obviously expect that all medical professionals who care for them will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. Sometimes, things go wrong during some phase of labor and delivery. Other times, however, everything progresses smoothly until a doctor, nurse or other care provider becomes negligent in his or her duties and commits medical malpractice.

Arriving at a hospital in joyful anticipation to welcome a new baby into the world is one thing. Taking an injured infant back home simply because someone failed to do what they were supposed to is tragic. There are certain types of injuries said to be most common among newborns.

Trucking accidents on I-81 sometimes lead to drug charges

The sound of crunching steel and metal when a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision is something those who hear it are not soon to forget. In Tennessee and elsewhere, trucking accidents often leave those involved, as well as those who witness them, emotionally affected by what transpired. A recent crash involved a tractor-trailer whose driver reportedly did his best to try to avoid the collision.

On a recent Thursday afternoon a car carrying several passengers allegedly tried to pass the tractor-trailer on the road. The 26-year-old driver was carrying several passengers at the time of the accident, including a 1-year-old boy. As the driver maneuvered his way in the intended lane-change, he apparently lost control of his steering.

Medical malpractice and nursing homes: Bruises a telltale sign

Many adult children in Tennessee will research and visit nursing homes in their areas to help aging parents find suitable residences in which to spend their later years. It's often a very emotional experience, and those involved are usually concerned with several important issues, most significant of which is personal safety. No one wants a mother or father to spend the final years of life in a place where he or she is at risk for abuse. Although there are high standards and regulations in place to govern such facilities, medical malpractice remains a problematic issue in many areas.

One of the best means for avoiding nursing home abuse is knowing how to recognize possible signs of its occurrence. Sadly, by the time such signs are noticed, some form of neglect or abuse has often already taken place. However, the sooner it's discovered the better in terms of seeking justice and making sure it does not happen again.

Government to pay half of medical malpractice settlement

Pregnant women in Tennessee, no matter what stage of pregnancy they may be in at the time, have the right to reasonably expect appropriate, safe medical attention when concerning issues arise involving their own health or the health of their babies. For one woman in another state, that's not exactly what happened. She sought medical attention for decreased fetal movement, yet she did not see the attending physician for more than three hours after reporting to the hospital. A medical malpractice lawsuit later ensued.

When the doctor finally did meet with the worried mother, he determined the need for an emergency C-section. The woman's baby was born with several injuries, the gravest of which was the most serious form of cerebral palsy, likely due to oxygen deprivation to the infant's brain. Temple University hospital settled a medical malpractice claim for $8 million.

Defective drugs and medical devices often cause severe injuries

Any licensed manufacturer in Tennessee who makes medical products of any kind is responsible for testing said products, as well as adhering to all federal and state laws that may govern their production before making them available to consumers. Defective drugs and medical devices are often root causes of serious medical injuries, including those that ultimately result in death. Patients and their families have the right to pursue justice against any and all parties identified as possible liable sources when illness or injury has adversely affected them because of a failed product.

In some situations, products are taken off shelves through government recalls when defects are discovered. This may occur before or, sadly, after damages have already been done to others. If the latter is the case, the injured party (or a surviving immediate family member, if the injury was fatal) can file a personal injury lawsuit to seek restitution.

What are the dangers of transvaginal mesh?

For women suffering from pelvic floor conditions like Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) or Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), doctors may recommend a transvaginal mesh implant to strengthen the tissue. While this was once a common treatment for these conditions, women need to be aware of the many risks involved. There have been many recalls and lawsuits surrounding transvaginal mesh.

Birth Injuries: What Parents Need To Know

Expectant parents spend a good deal of time dreaming about what it will be like to welcome a new son or daughter into their family. From painting the nursery and deciding on a name to purchasing a stroller and assembling a crib, there is a lot of planning and preparation that takes place in the months leading up to a baby's birth. Nothing, however, can prepare parents for the fear, anxiety and devastation that occur when complications arise during a baby's delivery.

If you are the mother or father of a child who suffered injuries during the delivery process, it's important to take legal action to discover who may be at fault. Children who suffer birth injuries may consequently suffer a range of physical and/or cognitive disabilities. For both the child and his or her parents, the associated life-long personal and financial costs are often significant.

Recovering losses after trucking accidents in Tennessee

If you've ever been driving on a Tennessee highway when a tractor-trailer comes barreling alongside you, you understand how frightful such situations can be. When 40 tons of steel is riding your bumper or cutting you off in your lane, the lives of everyone nearby are greatly at risk, including yours. Trucking accidents happen every day throughout the nation, many resulting in catastrophic injuries and death.

There are traffic regulations and laws geared specifically toward commercial trucks and their drivers. Laws and regulations control what types of loads they may haul and how heavy such loads can be. Moreover, drunk driving laws are more stringent for those operating these massive pieces of machinery. When a person survives injury in a collision with a tractor-trailer (which is not all that often), the road to recovery is typically long and arduous.

Can a pilot help prevent medical malpractice injuries?

What is one thing Tennessee surgeons and pilots have in common? If they perform at substandard levels, the results can be catastrophic. Pilots can cause planes to crash, injuring or killing themselves and, likely, all others on board. Negligent surgeons are often sued for medical malpractice after causing severe injuries or illnesses to their patients.  

One hospital in another state thought of an innovative way to address this problem. It brought in a highly skilled pilot to teach safety improvement measures to its surgical teams. Although the pilot didn't even understand all the medical jargon being shared in the room, he did know many things he believed could help the surgeons decrease errors in the operating room. Currently, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the nation.  

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