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Defective drugs and medical devices laws often change

Many Tennessee residents use prescription drugs or other procedures that include insertion of various devices that are meant to help improve their health conditions. Although it's impossible to predict a particular outcome, and whether a specific drug or device will help solve a particular problem, patients assume their doctors have their best interests at heart and are acting accordingly. All too often, however, defective drugs and medical devices wreak havoc across the nation when patients suffer severe injuries (or even death) in situations that may have been prevented.

The question is: Who is responsible when a patient suffers injury due to a defect in a drug or medical device? The answer is not always immediately apparent, and the laws governing such matters often change. For instance, the House of Representatives was recently scheduled to vote on a new prospective deal between the Food and Drug Administration and the medical device industry.

Cars veering over medians key factor in many trucking accidents

The strips of land between opposing lanes of traffic on many Tennessee highways are meant to help keep motorists who share such roadways safe. However, a median is unlikely to prevent an accident if a vehicle veers out of its lane and crosses over the strip. In fact, many trucking accidents are caused by cars or other vehicles traveling through medians and into oncoming traffic.

One such tragedy occurred on a recent Friday in Marion County. Three vehicles were involved. Authorities have issued a preliminary report that suggests a particular motorist heading west on Interstate 24 at the time may have been responsible for the accident.

Defective drugs and medical devices: Is marketing a key factor?

Many Tennessee residents may recall the tobacco crisis of the 1990s. That particular decade abounded with lawsuits against tobacco manufacturers and sales distributors who claimed they were fully aware of the health risks associated with tobacco products, but failed to properly inform consumers. Some current problems concerning defective drugs and medical devices appear eerily similar to the tobacco litigation of an earlier era.

A central issue raised in recent lawsuits is whether the current Opioid crisis in the United States is caused by deceptive marketing of such drugs. Those seeking legal accountability against drug manufacturers say there's excessive promotion and advertising regarding the supposed benefits of Opioid use for chronic pain and other health conditions, while evidence suggests the drugs do far more harm than good. Several big name pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Purdue Pharma are being sued for overstating potential benefits and understating possible risks regarding use of Opioids.

How to address pain after hip replacement surgery

Statistically, hip replacement surgeries look great. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), approximately 95 percent of hip replacements are successful. It may have been a pretty easy decision for you to go ahead with your surgery. You were having hip pain, and you wanted to get it fixed. But what if you had the surgery and you are still experiencing hip pain?

Preventing potential drug errors is the best medicine

If you are like the vast majority of patients, when your doctor prescribes a medication, you take it, simple as that. You rely on his or her medical knowledge and expertise to know what's best for you. You may not even bother to read the accompanying prescription information, trusting in your doctor and pharmacist to tell you of any serious risks involved with the drug. That is their job, after all. Right?

While you might think so, that certainly hasn't stopped the approximately 1.3 million drug injuries that occur annually in the United States. These medication errors are all cases of preventable patient harm, according to The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention. So, if they're preventable, why do so many medication errors still occur, and how can you keep from becoming a statistic?

Where to turn for help following Tennessee trucking accidents

Commercial vehicles and tractor-trailers are often part of fast-moving traffic on Tennessee highways. Many factors affect a truck operator's ability to safely navigate the roadway. Sadly, many trucking accidents occur when drivers fail to adhere to traffic regulations or are otherwise negligent behind their wheels.

Fatalities often occur in collisions involving tractor-trailers. The massive bundles of steel create disaster upon impact. Often, there may be little to nothing left of smaller vehicles involved in such crashes. Those who mourn the loss of loved ones in such incidents may wonder where to turn for support if they wish to file wrongful death claims in court. Typically, only an immediate family member of a deceased victim may do so, including a spouse, adult child or parent of a minor.

Family settles before jury deliberates re medical malpractice

What price does a patient pay when a doctor fails to properly diagnose an adverse health condition? Some Tennessee families may relate to a deceased man's loved ones in another state who told the court their family member paid the ultimate price when he lost his life. The situation recently came to a conclusion when those who filed the medical malpractice lawsuit agreed to settle, just before the jury was charged.

The tragic situation began in 2007 when a man went to the doctor complaining of severe neck pain. In fact, when asked to rate his pain on a scale of one to 10, the man said his level of pain was a 10. He also mentioned feeling pins and needles sensations down his arm.

Proactive choices for rectifying medical malpractice situations

When a Tennessee surgeon performs an operation or a doctor diagnoses and treats a patient with an adverse medical condition, there is strict protocol that must be followed and care taken to ensure patient safety. Most patients understand that there's a certain amount of personal risk involved in every medical procedure. However, if medical malpractice takes place once, it is too often, and injured patients should know there are options available for seeking justice.

A worst-case situation regarding doctor error would include death of a patient. Loved ones who suffer such untimely losses are often overcome with anger and frustration upon learning that their family members' deaths may well have been preventable were it not for medical professionals' negligence. Many file wrongful death claims on the behalves of their deceased relatives.

Woman blames hospital for medical malpractice after surgery

A 73-year-old woman learned she had a slow-growing tumor inside her brain. The tumor was tested and found to be non-cancerous. In fact, most doctors say this type of tumor doesn't need to be surgically removed; instead, patients can simply be monitored as time goes on. As it might in Tennessee, this particular situation has led to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The woman's case did not unfold as would typically be expected. Her doctor said she needed surgery and she complied. About four weeks later, the incision at her surgical site began to leak, and the woman suffered an infection. Instead of removing the mesh that had been inserted during surgery as is deemed appropriate treatment for such infections, the doctor merely prescribed antibiotics.

What options do recovering victims have after trucking accidents?

A terrible accident recently occurred in Tennessee. The collision involved several vehicles. Trucking accidents often have devastating results; this one led to two people becoming trapped inside their cars.

The incident occurred on Interstate 55. Memphis authorities say that a tractor-trailer that was involved in the crash jackknifed. Three people were injured, one of whom was reportedly in critical condition. The other two vehicle occupants who suffered injury were also take to a nearby medical facility for treatment; however, neither of them was listed in serious condition.

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