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Birth injury, negligence and other medical malpractice issues

Most Tennessee women who enter hospitals in this state for the purpose of giving birth obviously expect that all medical professionals who care for them will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. Sometimes, things go wrong during some phase of labor and delivery. Other times, however, everything progresses smoothly until a doctor, nurse or other care provider becomes negligent in his or her duties and commits medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice and nursing homes: Bruises a telltale sign

Many adult children in Tennessee will research and visit nursing homes in their areas to help aging parents find suitable residences in which to spend their later years. It's often a very emotional experience, and those involved are usually concerned with several important issues, most significant of which is personal safety. No one wants a mother or father to spend the final years of life in a place where he or she is at risk for abuse. Although there are high standards and regulations in place to govern such facilities, medical malpractice remains a problematic issue in many areas.

Government to pay half of medical malpractice settlement

Pregnant women in Tennessee, no matter what stage of pregnancy they may be in at the time, have the right to reasonably expect appropriate, safe medical attention when concerning issues arise involving their own health or the health of their babies. For one woman in another state, that's not exactly what happened. She sought medical attention for decreased fetal movement, yet she did not see the attending physician for more than three hours after reporting to the hospital. A medical malpractice lawsuit later ensued.

Birth Injuries: What Parents Need To Know

Expectant parents spend a good deal of time dreaming about what it will be like to welcome a new son or daughter into their family. From painting the nursery and deciding on a name to purchasing a stroller and assembling a crib, there is a lot of planning and preparation that takes place in the months leading up to a baby's birth. Nothing, however, can prepare parents for the fear, anxiety and devastation that occur when complications arise during a baby's delivery.

Can a pilot help prevent medical malpractice injuries?

What is one thing Tennessee surgeons and pilots have in common? If they perform at substandard levels, the results can be catastrophic. Pilots can cause planes to crash, injuring or killing themselves and, likely, all others on board. Negligent surgeons are often sued for medical malpractice after causing severe injuries or illnesses to their patients.  

Medical malpractice claim after groggy patient injures shoulder

Tennessee residents who have to undergo medical procedures that involve anesthesia would naturally expect to receive adequate post-procedure treatment until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off. Failure by hospital staff to provide proper care during that time can lead to an injured patient. Such circumstances can result in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice -- the risks of cosmetic surgery

Risks are taken in any surgical procedure in Tennessee, and results are not guaranteed. However, the expectations of cosmetic surgeries are typically higher than for other types of surgery. While cosmetic surgeons are mostly respected in their field and known for carrying out injury-free procedures, mistakes are sometimes made that could lead to medical malpractice claims for significant amounts of money.

Medical malpractice: Brain injury at birth causes life-long need

The birth of a baby is a process during which many things can go wrong. Only when the entire medical team works together efficiently under the guidance of a competent doctor can an uneventful birth occur. Infant brain damage is prevalent nationwide, and while babies can be born with brain damage resulting from maternal infections, many suffer injuries during the birthing process. Lawsuits alleging medical malpractice are common in Tennessee civil courts.

Medical malpractice: Over 4,000 "never events" occur every year

When someone in Tennessee is scheduled for surgery, anxiety is a common emotion because there are so many reports of medical errors. Researchers refer to some surgical mistakes "never events," meaning that they should never have occurred in the first place. The numbers of these mistakes are alarmingly high. More than 4,000 never events occur in surgical theaters nationwide every year, and the payouts from related medical malpractice lawsuits exceed $1.3 billion annually.

Area hospitals are penalized for high rate of hospital-acquired illnesses.

When patients are admitted to the hospital, they seek medical treatment that will help them combat illness, not compound the effects of an ailment. For those with compromised immune systems, contracting additional infections while admitted in a facility is not a rare event. A recent report in MedCity News suggests that it is in this environment where patients may come in contact with more than the hospital staff, as preventable infections and conditions top the list of hazards patients face when they seek medical care.

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