Real Help After A Trucking Accident

A loaded semi truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. When one collides with a 4,000 passenger vehicle, the results can be devastating. Recovery from the catastrophic injuries suffered in a trucking accident may take years of medical care. The costs of such extensive medical care are something few households can bear alone.

You need to do everything you can to ensure that you are fully compensated for everything you have been through after a trucking accident.

Work With Someone With A Record Of Results

Begin with securing the assistance of an experienced attorney with a record of success in these types of cases. This is essential because the insurance companies know how much these cases can be worth and they do everything they can to minimize or avoid altogether paying out any fair level of compensation.

Our decades of experience have taught us how to effectively investigate trucking accidents and how to secure the evidence necessary to help secure the best possible results. From working with accident reconstruction experts to looking at driver logs and maintenance records, we understand what is needed to secure the compensation you will need to help you through the tough times you are facing.

Multimillion-Dollar Settlements And Verdicts

At Pete Olson Law, we are here to help people fight the insurance companies for the compensation they deserve. Our goal is to secure access to the medical care and financial resources you will need to work through your recovery so that you can begin rebuilding your life. Lawyer Pete Olson began helping people more than 25 years ago. He uses the experience and skill he has acquired over those years to help his clients. His record of success includes multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts and thousands of favorably settled cases.

Truck Accident Attorney Serving Clarksville And Throughout Tennessee

Everyone deserves help after the devastation a trucking accident can cause. Turn to Pete Olson Law. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 866-596-8385, or contact us online.

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