Were You Injured On Fort Campbell?

Fort Campbell houses tens of thousands of active duty military. The base provides services to their families, the families of reservists and retirees. One of the most relied on services is medical care at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital.

With Fort Campbell housing so many people and having so much activity on it, accidents happen, and they need to be dealt with effectively. Injured service members are barred from suing the federal government for injuries suffered in accidents, but nonservice members such as dependents, retirees and civilians who are injured on base do have the right to pursue compensation.

If you were injured on Fort Campbell, we can help you effectively navigate the complexities of bringing suit against the federal government. We help those who have suffered injuries from a wide variety of accidents and situations, including:

  • Medical malpractice — We offer our assistance to those injured by substandard medical care in Blanchfield Army Community Hospital.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents — These types of accidents can happen anywhere and people deserve to be compensated for their premises liability-related injuries.
  • Car crashes involving federal vehicles — With so many federally owned motor vehicles operating on and around the base, accidents involving service members or other federal employees and civilians are bound to happen. We are there to help when a motor vehicle accident has left you injured.

Multimillion-Dollar Settlements And Verdicts

At Pete Olson Law, we understand the complexities of pursuing compensation from the federal government such as the Feres Doctrine. While we may not be able to help injured service members, we can help when their loved ones, retirees or others are injured on base or by a service member or federal employee nearby. Lawyer Pete Olson has been able to thousands of favorable outcomes for those who have been injured. His record of success includes obtaining multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements that help his clients move forward with their lives.

Fort Campbell Injuries Attorney Serving Clarksville And Throughout Tennessee

If you were injured on Fort Campbell, turn to Pete Olson Law for representation that understands how to hold the federal government accountable. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 866-596-8385, or contact us online.

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