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Slip-and-fall accidents could require knee surgery

Residents of Tennessee may wish to watch their step the next time they visit their local Kohl's. The chain department store that offers a wide selection of housewares and clothing is currently facing a premises liability complaint in another state. This recently filed lawsuit is only one of several in the series of injurious slip\-and\-fall accidents that seems to occur in negligently maintained stores or restaurants around the country on a weekly – if not daily – basis.

According to reports, this specific incident involved a bedspread carelessly placed in an aisle in the store. While this may sound harmless on the surface, it most certainly was not, as it ultimately resulted in the need for total knee replacement surgery for one injured shopper. The occurrence took place approximately two years ago in Dec. 2015.

Medical malpractice suit alleges botched dental surgery

While a necessary part of health, going to the dentist is a dreaded task for many people. Hopefully, news of a recent lawsuit in another state won't deter Tennessee residents from getting the dental care they need, but it could make some think twice. A woman has filed a medical malpractice suit following an allegedly botched dental surgery, as a result of which she claims she suffered permanent nerve damage.

The lawsuit names as defendants the dentist who performed the surgery, as well as the dental clinic Prosthodontics Intermedica (also known as "Pi Dental") and several Does. The claim alleges that the woman was a patient in 2015 and sought treatment to have a filling replaced in the left side of her mouth. During the procedure, the dentist and/or his nurse – one of the Does named in the suit – was allegedly careless when injecting the anesthesia into the plaintiff's mouth.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause severe, costly injuries

Many people worry about falling, and for good reason. Slip-and-fall accidents involving a hard surface can have serious, lasting health consequences. Residents of Tennessee can, of course, take precautions in their own homes to ensure the premises are safe, but what about when they are crossing public parking lots to get to stores or restaurants?

Premises liability means that owners of public establishments are responsible for maintaining safe environments for their patrons, and in another state, a woman has just filed such a lawsuit against the international supermarket chain Aldi. The woman is suing the store for alleged negligence that, she said, resulted in injuries. She recently filed a complaint that alleged failure to provide a safe environment for shoppers.

Did medical error doom your child to a life of difficulty?

Imaging finding out that someone else's carelessness or negligent mistake led to a lifetime of difficulty for your child. Even worse, perhaps, is when that someone was a trusted, highly-trained nurse or doctor. You placed the well-being of your most precious treasure in a medical professional's hands only to have your child suffer as a result.

Sadly, in cases of cerebral palsy, this is far too often the case:  A moment of thoughtlessness or a single error by a doctor can mean a life of struggles for your child. But what, exactly, is cerebral palsy? How does it occur? Could anything have prevented it? Perhaps most importantly, is there anything you can do now to help your child?

New Tennessee program hopes to educate on trucking accidents

Car accidents, even minor fender-benders, are bad enough to ruin most people's days. Trucking accidents, though, are usually immeasurably worse, as the sheer size of the vehicles involved tends to mean catastrophic and often fatal results. Now, a new program in Tennessee is attempting to address this issue.

The Tennessee Trucking Foundation has created a program to help teens and younger drivers improve their driving and highway safety knowledge about issues like sharing the road with commercial vehicles such as semis and big rigs. The program's mission is to save lives by creating a safer driving environment. They are offering various presentations aimed at educating all motorists, with a focus on newer and teenaged drivers.

Medical malpractice lawsuit awards $1.2M after botched biopsy

Most, if not all, Tennessee residents want what's best for their children and would go to any length to get their kids the best medical care possible. How upsetting, then, to hear of a case in another state where medical malpractice left a then-teenage girl with such severe nerve damage that she is expected to be affected for the rest of her life. The young lady, now 22 years old, continues to have pain and numbness in her leg from a botched biopsy procedure that took place in 2013.

According to reports, the then-high school student and all-star tennis player consulted a doctor regarding a benign bone growth in her left leg. The physician decided to perform a biopsy of the osteochondroma. It was during this allegedly unnecessary surgical procedure that he apparently cut a nerve. The resulting damage left the girl in a wheelchair for months, requiring ongoing physical therapy before she even regained her ability to walk.

Defective drugs and medical devices frequently claim lives

Many individuals in Tennessee and around the country rely on medical devices and medications for their health and well-being. When this faith is misplaced, the consequences of defective drugs and medical devices prove tragic far too often. In another state, for example, a contaminated laxative allegedly led to the death of an infant girl, and the family has filed a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.

According to medical records, the now-deceased baby was born with severe acid reflux, which resulted in fluid becoming trapped in her lungs. This, in turn, led to the development of chronic lung disease. The reflux meant the baby needed a feeding tube connected to her intestines by doctors, and the lung problems meant she relied a breathing device. She was also given medication to help alleviate her pain.

Do drug manufacturers have to tell me about side effects?

Decades of technological and medical advances helped create the current level of health care that we in Tennessee benefit from today. Whether you need a life-saving surgery or a medication to treat an infection, you can likely receive the care you need and in a timely manner.

Most doctors usually do their best to diagnose and treat patients, but they can only work with the tools at their disposal. When those tools are inherently defective or dangerous, you could be at risk.

Medical malpractice complaint alleges dirty surgical instruments

With the often-lifesaving state of modern medicine, many Tennessee individuals might not worry much about going in for a medical treatment, especially not one that isn't particularly dangerous. It may be hard for some patients to imagine, then, what it would be like to go to a podiatry clinic for a common procedure only to be left with a terrible infection due to unhygienic conditions. This upsetting scenario is exactly what a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state is alleging occurred.

The recently filed complaint names both a podiatrist and the clinic where he is employed as defendants. The patient who filed the lawsuit sought treatment at the clinic in May 2016. The medical malpractice claim alleges that a man contracted a staph infection after a physician used unsanitary tools to perform a procedure.

Injurifes from slip-and-fall accidents often costly, permanent

Property owners and managers in Tennessee and across the United States are responsible for keeping their premises free from hazards and safe for the public. Despite this, thousands of people are injured annually in slip\-and\-fall accidents. Such a fall on a hard surface like a wet floor, an icy sidewalk or an unkempt parking lot frequently results in serious injuries that require costly medical treatments. Perhaps even worse, sometimes the injuries are chronic or even permanent.

In another state, a couple has recently filed just such a premises liability suit, alleging negligence after the wife fell. The plaintiffs claim that the woman was injured when she slipped while visiting a medical facility in Sept. 2015. The lawsuit alleges that the woman had come to the Charleston Area Medical Center to see a patient.

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