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Tennessee nurses should know how to avoid medication errors

There are any number of adverse health conditions that you might suffer that prompt a doctor to prescribe medication as treatment. Especially if you have recently had surgery and are in recovery, you may need pain medication, antibiotics or other drugs to aid you in the healing process. Not all medications are compatible, meaning, it can be quite dangerous to take them simultaneously.

As a patient in a Tennessee hospital or other medical facility, you have the right to reasonably expect that doctors know what they're doing when they recommend taking a particular drug. You also should be able to feel confident that a nurse administering your medication knows how to avoid error. If you suffer injury because a licensed medical professional was negligent, you're entitled to seek restitution.

Early morning car accident kills 1 in Tennessee

There are a multitude of scenarios under which a dangerous motor vehicle collision could occur. When operating a vehicle during times of decreased visibility, drivers may find it challenging to spot a car that has shifted into an oncoming lane in time to react and avoid a potential catastrophe. A recent head-on car accident has killed one person and left another with life-threatening injuries in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents responded to reports of a major collision at around 5:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday. For reasons unknown, police stated that the driver of an eastbound vehicle had veered into the opposite lane and struck a car head-on. The driver who caused the crash was subsequently transported to the hospital with severe injuries, while the driver of the second car was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family awarded $3.8 million in medical malpractice settlement

Medical professionals in Tennessee and elsewhere have a duty to provide each patient with a certain quality of treatment and care. Failure to provide this standard of care could place the health of a patient at risk, and in some cases, such negligence could bring about potentially life-altering consequences. A family in another state was recently awarded a substantial sum in a settlement agreement in a medical malpractice lawsuit after negligence caused a wife and mother of three to fall into a coma.

According to the lawsuit, the woman first visited the hospital after she began to experience difficulty breathing. After being admitted into the emergency room, she was reportedly given a narcotic by hospital staff and then released. After exiting the emergency room and entering the waiting area, she reportedly went into cardiac arrest and subsequently fell into a coma.

Predictors for recalls of defective drugs and medical devices

When patients are prescribed a certain drug or medical device, they trust that it will help them manage their condition, or even facilitate healing. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that these same products that are meant to heal instead lead to harm. Some researchers even suggest that recalls for defective drugs and medical devices are on the rise across the country. There are several theories as to why that may be, which will hopefully inform Tennessee families and help them protect themselves.

Researchers warn that though the use of generic drugs is highly beneficial for patients, they can have a downside as well. The rush to produce them can lead certain companies to use cost-cutting measures that can compromise safety. Drug manufacturers still have the need to maintain a certain profit margin, and sacrificing quality control may be one way that they achieve that.

Car accident claims life of motorcycle rider in Tennessee

With warmer weather setting in, many individuals have decided to park their cars or trucks and set out on the open road on a motorcycle. While riding a bike may provide a certain sense of excitement and freedom, there is also some level of risk involved, as motorcycle-related collisions can have dire consequences. A recent car accident involving a motorcycle in Tennessee has reportedly claimed the life of a 69-year-old man.

Law enforcement agents say the accident took place on a recent Wednesday at around 4:30 p.m. According to reports, the crash occurred as the man was riding his bike eastbound when the driver of an oncoming vehicle suddenly turned directly into his path. The man was reportedly unable to react in time to avoid collision, and his bike struck the side of the vehicle soon thereafter.

Is your loved one at risk in a Tennessee nursing home?

Like many adult children in Tennessee, you may have recently helped or are preparing to help your aging parent transition to an assisted living residence. There are any number of reasons why your loved one may no longer be able to live an independent lifestyle. You might feel overwhelmed and worried about finding a nursing home that helps your family member meet his or her needs.

In addition to practical needs, the social environment of a chosen facility is also a high priority for many elders. Like most children of aging parents, you biggest concern may be safety, in particular, how to recognize signs that something isn't right and where to seek support if you believe your loved one is at risk or has suffered an injury due to abuse or negligence.

Defective medical devices: FDA stops sale of mesh implants

Prior to having a medical device implanted within their bodies, patients in Tennessee and elsewhere may wish to know all the risks associated with the process. Unfortunately, defective medical devices have caused serious harm to a multitude of patients, and in some cases, the damage done could prove fatal. One product that has been the source of various lawsuits over recent years is transvaginal surgical mesh, and recent reports indicate that this product was recently taken off the market.

Recent reports indicate that the Food and Drug Administration has put a stop to the sale and distribution of transvaginal surgical mesh implants. This comes just over two years after the FDA classified the product as high risk and began requiring the manufacturers of the mesh to carry out strict testing procedures. However, the FDA recently decided that more evidence was needed to show whether surgery to repair a pelvic organ prolapse would work better with or without the mesh implants.

Errors in surgery lead to medical malpractice claim

Having to undergo a surgical procedure can be a scary experience and any complications from the operation could have a disastrous impact on a person's well-being. In some cases, errors during surgery can even prove fatal, and families in Tennessee who lose a loved one due to the negligent actions of a medical professional may be left in search of answers. A jury recently awarded a judgment of nearly $5 million to a woman's estate in a recent medical malpractice lawsuit after a surgery left her with injuries that eventually proved fatal.

According to reports, the incident began when the woman was set to undergo a procedure to remove an abdominal cyst. The lawsuit stated that during the operation, her doctor cut and removed a small portion of her right ureter. According to the suit, errors during the procedure left her with major injuries that eventually prompted the need to remove one of her kidneys.

High-speed car accident injures 1, kills 2 in Tennessee

Collisions that take place at a high rate of speed can have disastrous consequences. Drivers who operate a vehicle at excessive speeds have a greater chance of creating an unfortunate scenario, and those who encounter such negligence may find it nearly impossible to steer out of harm's way. A recent head-on car accident involving similar circumstances has reportedly left one person with severe injuries and claimed the lives of two others in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident took place at around 5 p.m. on a recent Friday. According to reports, witnesses claim the driver of the vehicle was attempting to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road while traveling at a high rate of speed. According to witnesses, the vehicle nearly missed crashing into an oncoming car before slamming head-on into a third vehicle.

Head-on car accident kills 1, injures 3 in Tennessee

A motor vehicle accident can take place at any moment and under a multitude of circumstances. While each collision has the potential to end in disaster, those that occur when a driver enters the wrong lane of traffic run a greater risk of placing the safety of everyone involved in harm's way. A recent head-on car accident in Tennessee has killed one person and left three others with serious injuries.

The incident reportedly took place as a man was driving westbound with his fiancee and two of his children on a recent weekend. According to reports, the driver of an eastbound vehicle suddenly veered across the median and struck their vehicle head-on. The driver of the first vehicle was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, while the other three occupants were transported to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries.

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