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Defective medical devices: When cybersecurity becomes an issue

With the ever-increasing nature of technological advancements, companies in Tennessee and elsewhere who manufacture health care devices have a variety of tools that their predecessors may have only dreamed of. Unfortunately, there are two sides to this equation, as devices that can be managed through online sources may come with an inherent level of risk. The threat of a breach in control could turn seemingly safe products into dangerous or defective medical devices which could have a detrimental impact on one's well-being.

Recent reports indicate that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released information indicating a possible risk of cybersecurity breaches for certain insulin pumps. While there are a variety of models that could be affected by such a breach, each model was reportedly manufactured by the same company. According to these reports, there is a chance that an outside party could hack into a person's insulin pump and alter its delivery settings.

Brain injury during birth leads to medical malpractice claim

During a medical emergency, patients in Tennessee and elsewhere may rely on doctors to provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their health. When a patient receives incorrect or incomplete information on the available treatment options, he or she may find it difficult to choose the path of care that provides the best chance at a positive outcome. A woman in another state was recently awarded just under $230 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after her child suffered brain damage during birth.

The incident reportedly began when the woman was admitted to the hospital after suffering symptoms of preeclampsia during the 25th week of pregnancy. According to the lawsuit, the woman chose not to undergo an emergency cesarean section after doctors informed her that her child would suffer brain damage or pass away. The lawsuit states that she was in labor for as long as 22 hours and that during this time, her child suffered from oxygen deprivation.

Is it medical malpractice if a doctor misdiagnoses meningitis?

When someone visits a Tennessee doctor because he or she is not feeling well, it is reasonable to expect that the doctor will be able to diagnose possible reasons why and recommend treatment accordingly. Sometimes, of course, a patient is a minor and is brought to a medical facility by a parent. In either case, if a doctor fails to diagnose a condition that the average doctor would expect to be able to recognize, it could result in patient injury and medical malpractice litigation.

If an adult is acting off in a cognitive way, perhaps seeming incoherent, slurring words or acting goofy, anyone witnessing his or her behavior might assume he or she is intoxicated. However, such situations warrant further investigation because such symptoms may also be signs of serious infection, such as meningitis. People who get migraine headaches often have sensitivity to light, which can also signify possible meningitis. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention so a license physician can rule out certain issues and make a correct diagnosis.

If your child suffers birth injuries due to medical negligence

No two Tennessee women will experience the exact same type of pregnancy. You might be low-risk, making it all the way through labor and delivery without any serious complications. Then again, your obstetrician may be monitoring a certain maternal or fetal condition quite closely because you're in a high-risk category for childbirth problems. An experienced doctor can help keep you and your baby safe.

This is why it's so important to attend all your prenatal visits and also to inform your doctor of any issue you might be experiencing at a particular time, such as ankle swelling, nausea or tingling of extremities. Another issue that would warrant calling your doctor might be if you haven't felt your baby move for hours when he or she is normally active every day. There's always risk involved with pregnancy and childbirth, but injuries should never occur because of substandard care.

Pedestrian hit and killed during recent car accident in Tennessee

Although crosswalks are intended to act as a safe place for pedestrians to cross the street, this safety may hinge on whether nearby drivers adhere to traffic laws. With less in the way of protective barriers to shield them from harm, pedestrians are at greater risk of suffering serious harm should a collision occur. One person was reportedly struck and killed during a recent car accident while attempting to navigate a crosswalk in Tennessee.

According to reports, the crash took place as the woman was walking back to her hotel after meeting friends and family at a local restaurant. Police advised that she and several others were navigating a crosswalk when the driver of a nearby vehicle failed to yield the right of way. The vehicle struck the woman shortly thereafter, and police advised that the driver then proceeded to flee the scene.

Defective medical devices: Implant leaves 1 with metal poisoning

There are a multitude of individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere who have medical products implanted in their bodies to assist in the management of a variety of health conditions. Unfortunately, these devices might not always produce the intended results, and in some cases, such a device could do more harm than good. Defective medical devices run the risk of creating a variety of health concerns, and recent reports indicate that a metal on metal hip implant caused one woman to suffer from metal poisoning.

The incident reportedly began when the woman was set to undergo hip replacement surgery. According to reports, she claims she had been dealing with a hip defect since birth and was told that the hip implant would last as long as 15 to 20 years. However, she says she began experiencing health issues after recovering from the operation.

1 airlifted to hospital after motorcycle-related car accident

While riding a motorcycle can be exciting, it also comes with a certain level of risk. Should another driver fail to spot a bike before attempting to navigate a turn, the results could be disastrous, as accidents involving motorcycles run a greater risk of leaving those involved with serious injuries. One man was reportedly airlifted to the hospital after suffering severe injuries during a recent motorcycle-related car accident in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents responded to reports of the crash just after noon on a recent Tuesday. According to reports, the accident took place when the driver of a southbound truck failed to yield the right of way to a nearby motorcycle upon attempting to navigate a left turn. The truck pulled directly into the path of the motorcycle and the rider of the bike crashed into the front of the first vehicle shortly thereafter.

Defective medical devices: Warnings not written on the label

Companies in Tennessee and elsewhere that manufacture medical devices are required to inform potential patients of the possible risks associated with their products. However, some might not always receive all the necessary information about a device prior to making a decision, especially when these concerns are concealed. Those who suffer serious harm due to defective medical devices may wish to know about their options for seeking restitution, especially if they were unaware of the level of risk involved.

The Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines pertaining to the reporting of risks associated with medical devices. However, recent reports suggest these guidelines might not always involved a need to inform consumers of possible dangers. According to reports, the FDA has allowed some manufacturers to report possible risks via documents that were never made available for public view.

Medical malpractice: Delay in treatment proves fatal for 1

When patients in Tennessee and elsewhere visit the emergency room suffering from critical injuries, the timing of their treatment could be essential to the outcome of their situation. Those who are left without treatment for extended periods can suffer in various ways, and in some cases, the lack of prompt medical care could even prove fatal. A family in another state was recently awarded $30 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after a delay in treatment led to the untimely death of a 24-year-old man.

According to reports, the incident began when the man was struck by a stray bullet after a gun fight broke out between others nearby. He was rushed to the emergency room shortly thereafter, and his family states that medical professionals determined that an emergency procedure was necessary to repair the damage. While the on-call surgeon was notified of the situation, the lawsuit states that this surgeon was already performing an operation and asked staff to call someone else.

Tennessee nurses should know how to avoid medication errors

There are any number of adverse health conditions that you might suffer that prompt a doctor to prescribe medication as treatment. Especially if you have recently had surgery and are in recovery, you may need pain medication, antibiotics or other drugs to aid you in the healing process. Not all medications are compatible, meaning, it can be quite dangerous to take them simultaneously.

As a patient in a Tennessee hospital or other medical facility, you have the right to reasonably expect that doctors know what they're doing when they recommend taking a particular drug. You also should be able to feel confident that a nurse administering your medication knows how to avoid error. If you suffer injury because a licensed medical professional was negligent, you're entitled to seek restitution.

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