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Car accidents: Pedestrian severely injured in drunk driving crash

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be dangerous, and a similar decision can place the safety of everyone nearby at risk. Far too many families have experienced loss in car accidents involving similar acts of negligence. A man has recently been arrested and charged with DUI after he hit a pedestrian before fleeing the scene of the accident in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents advised that the investigation into the accident began when they found a man lying in the street. He was transported to a medical facility soon thereafter for treatment of injuries considered to be life-threatening. While investigating the incident, police spoke with a witness who watched it occur and was reportedly able to provide them with a description of the car that struck the man.

Medical malpractice: Improper treatment leads to permanent damage

Medical professionals in Tennessee and elsewhere must exercise the utmost diligence during a procedure to correct an issue with a person's spine. Any complications during a similar procedure can have severe consequences that could have a significant impact on the life of a patient. A 17-year-old girl in another state has been awarded $135 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after improper treatment left her with long-term damage.

According to the lawsuit, the incident began when she was scheduled to undergo a procedure to correct a curvature in her spine. During the procedure, a doctor reportedly placed several rods on her spine. Although these rods were implanted to relieve compression on her spinal cord, they instead caused her condition to deteriorate substantially.

Did your surgery at Fort Campbell leave you in worse condition?

If your recent past included surgery at Fort Campbell, you may have been quite nervous before heading to the operating room, especially if it was the first time you'd ever undergone a surgical procedure. Your doctor hopefully discussed your condition and everything he or she planned to do during your operation, as well as any possible complications that may arise and what would happen if that were to be the case.

Failing to properly inform a patient of such things before surgery is neglectful. Sadly, it happens often and many patients would have opted out of their procedures had they known the risks. Then again, not all post-surgery complications are forewarned. Negligence can cause problems, such as infection or other injuries. In worst cases, your life may be at risk. That's why it's so important to have a plan of action in mind before your surgery takes place, including where you will turn for support if something goes wrong.

A defective medical device can place one's health at risk

Many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere have undergone procedures to implant a medical device within their bodies. While these devices are designed to assist in the treatment of a condition or prevent further injuries, if any defects or flaws are present, the consequences a patient may suffer can be severe. Those who suffer harm due to a defective medical device may wish to pursue restitution, but they might be uncertain about the next steps to take.

Experiencing a major medical emergency can be a harrowing experience, and in some cases, a medical device could play a necessary role in the treatment of a condition. Upon being fitted with such a device, patients may rely on product manufacturers to ensure the device is safe for use. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and studies suggest that the regulations on medical devices might not be as strict as they should be.

Medical malpractice: Allergic reaction leads to untimely death

Upon visiting a medical facility for any manner of procedure, patients in Tennessee and elsewhere may rely on doctors to keep constant watch over their conditions. Any complications that occur during this period may need to be addressed swiftly to prevent a patient from suffering severe harm to health. A jury has recently awarded a family in another state a judgment of just under $30 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after a woman died due to an allergic reaction to a contrast dye applied prior to a CT scan.

The incident reportedly began when the woman visited the facility to undergo a scheduled CT scan for unspecified reasons. While preparing her for the scan, medical professionals applied a contrast dye to the patient. The woman reportedly had an allergic reaction to the dye and went into anaphylactic shock, and after losing consciousness, she was unfortunately pronounced dead.

Trucking accidents: Motorcyclist dies after being hit by semi

Motorcycles offer far less protection for their riders that other vehicles provide their occupants during an accident. Because of this, collisions involving motorcycles can have disastrous consequences, especially when a commercial vehicle is involved. Trucking accidents involving motorcycles can be exceedingly devastating, and each runs the unfortunate risk of proving fatal. A recent collision involving a tractor-trailer and a motorcycle has claimed the life of an 18-year-old man in Tennessee.

According to reports, the incident took place at around 12:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday as the two vehicles approached a sudden halt in traffic. Authorities assert that the driver of the semi was unable to stop his vehicle in time and collided with the motorcycle and its rider. The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

1 files medical malpractice claim against plastic surgeon

Patients in Tennessee and elsewhere who are scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure may place their safety in the hands of medical professionals in the process. If negligence is present during even a minor procedure, the consequences can be disastrous. A woman in another state has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit claiming that negligence during plastic surgery caused her to suffer permanent harm.

The incident reportedly began when the woman visited a cosmetic surgeon for information on available services. She informed the doctor that she was preparing for her upcoming wedding, and she eventually scheduled a date to undergo a variety of procedures less than one week later. However, several hours into the surgery, she suddenly went into cardiac arrest after she was taken off of anesthesia but before doctors were able to suture her abdomen.

The potential consequences of using dangerous medical products

Before individuals in Tennessee purchase a medical product, they may wish to gain a better understanding of the potential risks involved with its use. While manufacturers are required to list all risks or side effects associated with a product on the warning label, unfortunately, this doesn't always occur. Dangerous medical products can cause substantial harm to a person's health, and a recent lawsuit has been filed after a woman claimed that exposure to talcum powder left her with mesothelioma.

The woman was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, in 2016. According to the lawsuit, the woman was exposed to asbestos through the use of talcum powder manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Nearly one year after her diagnosis, she reportedly passed away at the age of 30.

Your OB should prepare for excessive bleeding after delivery

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! If you are like many Tennessee women, you may enjoy being pregnant, but have a healthy fear of labor and delivery. Not only does the prospect of the pain of contractions cause this trepidation, but also the possibility that numerous things could go wrong. Many women have perfectly normal pregnancies only to suffer some sort of issue during delivery.

You may wonder whether your labor will stall, whether your unborn child will be in distress or whether you will need an emergency C-section. You probably have these concerns because they could affect the health of your infant, but you may also want to consider your health as well. You could experience many issues during labor and delivery as well such as excessive bleeding.

Trucking accidents: Overturned tractor-trailer hits and kills man

With the inherent size and weight of a tractor-trailer, the risk of overturning in a curve is always present. Trucking accidents involving an overturned semi can be disastrous, and for those nearby, reacting in time to avoid collision can be challenging. A 21-year-old man has died after a tractor-trailer reportedly struck him and the vehicle he was standing next to during a recent accident in Tennessee.

According to reports, the accident happened on a recent Thursday morning while a man was standing next to a vehicle on a local highway. Upon approaching a curve in the road, a tractor-trailer suddenly overturned on the highway and struck the man and the vehicle. While neither the occupants of this vehicle or the driver of the truck were harmed in the accident, the man was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

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