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Demanding schedules increase the risk of trucking accidents

It is no secret that commercial vehicle accidents can have cataclysmic results. While common accident causes such as distraction and impairment may play a role in many trucking accidents, recent studies suggest there is a more prevalent concern. With many truck drivers in Tennessee and elsewhere feeling rushed to complete objectives, a demanding schedule could lead to a variety of poor driving decisions or behaviors.

Recent reports indicate that fatal commercial vehicle accidents increased by nearly 10 percent in 2017 and reached levels that had not been seen in nearly 30 years. Experts suggest one factor that could be contributing to the increase pertains to the demand that is placed on truck drivers. With federal regulations that require drivers to stop and rest every eight hours, many truckers may feel it best to put as many miles behind them as possible while they are on the road.

Head-on car accident injures 6, kills 1 in Tennessee

Even the most cautious of drivers may find it challenging to react to the results of another party's negligence. For instance, when a vehicle veers off course and enters the opposite lane, oncoming drivers may be left with little time to respond to the situation. A recent head-on car accident in Tennessee has left multiple individuals with injuries and claimed the life of a 49-year-old woman.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to reports of the collision just before noon on a recent Thursday. According to authorities, the incident occurred when the driver of an eastbound car lost control and veered into the opposite lanes of traffic. Her car proceeded to strike a westbound van head-on soon thereafter.

Trucking accidents: Semi rolls into home, kills man on porch

A 46-year-old man has died during a recent accident in which a tractor-trailer rolled into the front of a residence in Tennessee. Trucking accidents can be devastating under any circumstances, but most individuals might not feel the need to fear the possibility of becoming involved in a similar incident while resting in the safety of their homes. Unfortunately, even a house may stand little chance of holding its own should a tractor-trailer veer off course.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Thursday afternoon as the man was sitting on the porch at his home. According to authorities, a nearby construction crew was loading equipment onto a tractor-trailer just up the street from the home. For unknown reasons, the vehicle suddenly began to roll directly toward the home.

Do medical device manufacturers care about my safety?

Advances in medical technology have greatly improved the lives of people in Tennessee. Unfortunately, not everyone has been so lucky. Many medical device manufacturers prioritize profits over patient safety, putting you and countless others in dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations. 

Medical implants promise to better people's lives, but many end up causing more harm than good. Take Essure, for example. A non-invasive solution to permanent birth control, Essure has harmed tens of thousands of women. 

Medical malpractice: Child suffers brain damage at birth

When awaiting the arrival of a newborn, parents in Tennessee may expect medical professionals to take the necessary precautions to protect the well-being of their child. Any form of negligence prior to or during labor can pose a significant threat to a child's health, and in some cases, may leave the child with long-term or permanent damage. A family was recently awarded a judgment of $50 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after claiming that negligence left their son with permanent brain damage.

According to reports, the incident began when a woman visited the facility to give birth to her first child. Medical professionals performed exams to check on her health and the health of the child, and she says she was informed that the baby's heart rate was normal. However, several hours after going into labor, her child's heart rate began to drop.

Trucking accidents: Interstate crash injures 4 in Tennessee

Due to the substantial increases in size and weight of tractor-trailers, truck drivers must ensure there is sufficient time and space to initiate a lane change. Should a driver fail to allow enough space or fail to spot a nearby car, the results can be devastating, as trucking accidents run a greater chance of ending in disaster. Four individuals were taken to a medical facility for treatment following a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer in Tennessee.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Wednesday evening when the driver of a tractor-trailer pinned a car against a concrete barrier while attempting to swap lanes. According to police, a witness claims the truck crossed several lanes of traffic and rear-ended a nearby truck before slamming into the car. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders worked to free the occupants that were trapped within the car.

Car accidents: Crash involving drunk driver kills 1, injures 1

While parking on the shoulder of the highway can be dangerous, in some cases, it could also be unavoidable. Should a car break down or run out of gas, the occupants may be stranded and unable to move out of the way of a fast moving vehicle, and car accidents involving similar circumstances can be disastrous. One person was killed and another suffered severe injuries following a recent collision involving a suspected drunk driver in Tennessee.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Saturday at 3 a.m. after the man had parked his truck on the shoulder of a road. Law enforcement agents say that he was standing outside the truck when an oncoming vehicle suddenly veered across the road and struck him and his truck. He was pronounced dead soon thereafter, and a passenger who was waiting in the truck was admitted into the hospital in critical condition.

Car accidents: Crash involving 5 vehicles kills 2, injures 2

When two vehicles collide, there is always a chance that nearby drivers will find it nearly impossible to react in time to avoid being caught up in the accident. Chain-reaction car accidents that involve multiple vehicles can have catastrophic results, and in some cases, a similar incident may even prove fatal. A recent crash involving five vehicles in Tennessee has claimed the life of two individuals and left two others with injuries.

Authorities received reports of the incident just before 2 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. According to initial investigations, the crash occurred after the driver of a truck side-swiped a nearby vehicle. The impact of the initial collision reportedly forced the truck to cross the median and go airborne, where it subsequently struck a trailer and initiated a chain-reaction crash involving three more vehicles.

Medical malpractice: Negligence leaves child with brain damage

When an infant in Tennessee or elsewhere experiences serious medical concerns, swift and proper treatment could be vital to his or her well-being. Any delay in administering the necessary care could cause substantial harm to a child's health and may even lead to long-term or permanent damage. A family in another state was recently awarded just over $130 million in a medical malpractice claim after negligence caused their child to suffer permanent brain damage.

The incident reportedly occurred while the child was 2 months old. While in the hospital, the child reportedly suffered breathing complications in relation to multiple attempts to administer intravenous therapy. According to the lawsuit, staff members at the hospital were aware of the child's condition but failed to respond and administer the necessary treatment in a timely manner.

Do you have grounds for filing medical malpractice in Tennessee?

When you entrust your health or the health of your child to a Tennessee medical team, you can reasonably expect every doctor, nurse, practitioner or other staff member involved to act according to the highest accepted standard for patient safety. For instance, if a doctor would approach you to perform a physical examination without first washing his or her hands, that would be a direct violation of standard protocol.  

Sadly, many people suffer illness, injury or, in worst cases, even death, when physicians, surgeons or other medical team members fail in their duties to keep patients as safe as possible. If you seek compensation for damages by filing a medical malpractice claim, however, you are tasked with proving your case to the court.  

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