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Defective medical devices: 1 files lawsuit over dangerous implant

There are a multitude of medical devices that are manufactured to provide assistance in the treatment of a variety of health concerns. Prior to making a device available for use, companies in Tennessee and elsewhere must generally put it through thorough testing procedures to ensure it is safe, as defective medical devices can be exceedingly harmful. A woman in another state has recently been awarded a $68 million judgment after filing a products liability lawsuit against the company C. R. Bard Inc.

The woman filed the lawsuit after a pelvic mesh implant manufactured by Bard caused her to suffer serious injuries. She claims that, after it was implanted within her, the device shrank and caused severe nerve damage. According to reports, she was forced to undergo as many as four surgeries to fully remove the mesh from her body, and she asserts that the incident has had a substantial impact on various areas of her life.

Danger may be near when sharing the road with tractor-trailers

Safe driving depends a lot on each individual vehicle operator. You may be cautious and alert behind the wheel, but the person nearest you on the highway may be reckless. That's a recipe for disaster. Some types of vehicles carry added risks simply because of their size, potential speed and other factors.

If you've ever been traveling along a Tennessee highway when a tractor-trailer comes barreling up behind, you know how terrifying it can be. Tractor-trailers can pose special dangers out on the roads given their large size and other unique characteristics. This is why restrictions and regulations associated with tractor-trailer driving are more stringent than with non-commercial vehicles.

Medical Malpractice: 1 dies after delay in cancer diagnosis

There are a multitude of medical conditions that could exhibit similar symptoms, some of which could be more severe than others. When patients in Tennessee visit a medical facility for treatment, they typically expect doctors to be thorough with their diagnosis, as failing to identify a serious health concern could prove harmful. A $4.2 million judgment has been awarded to the estate of a man in a medical malpractice lawsuit after a late cancer diagnosis reportedly led to his untimely death.

According to the lawsuit, the incident began when a hospital performed a test that indicated the presence of blood in his urine. He was subsequently referred to a specialist, and after taking images of his kidneys, medical professionals informed him that the blood indicated the presence of cancer. However, upon looking into his medical records, they reportedly found that his primary physician had located blood during a urinalysis two years prior.

Defective medical devices: 1 awarded $3.6 million judgment

A woman has recently been awarded a $3.6 million judgment after filing a lawsuit in relation to injuries caused by a defective inferior vena cava filter. Dangerous or defective medical devices can cause a great deal of harm to the health of a patient. Individuals in Tennessee who suffer harm due to a defective device may be entitled to restitution, but they may be uncertain where to turn for assistance in the process.

According to reports, the device was implanted within her inferior vena cava to assist in preventing blood clots from forming following a surgical procedure. However, due to a defect in the manufacturing of the device, parts of it broke off and became embedded within the wall of her vein. After one of the pieces broke free from the wall, she was forced to undergo open heart surgery, and she claims that she still has a piece embedded within the wall to this day.

Medical malpractice: The potential danger of a misdiagnosis

When it comes to a serious medical condition, a swift and proper diagnosis may be essential to providing the necessary care to a patient. Individuals in Tennessee who visit a hospital for treatment generally expect doctors to be capable of issuing a correct diagnosis, as failing to do so could bring about disastrous consequences. Recent studies suggest that errors during the diagnosis of a patient are one of the leading causes of medical malpractice claims.

According to these studies, around 33 percent of recent medical malpractice lawsuits centered around diagnostic errors. This is nearly the same percentage as both surgical errors and negligent treatment combined. While studies suggest that the amount of claims associated with other medical concerns has declined over the years, those pertaining to a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis remain a major concern.

Family awarded $68 million medical malpractice judgment

When a person in Tennessee is scheduled to undergo a serious medical procedure, he or she may expect the surgeon to remain in the operating room throughout the process to ensure it goes as planned. Should a surgeon choose to leave the room before the operation is finished, the remainder of the procedure may be left in the hands of those who aren't qualified to perform it. A family has been awarded a $68 million judgment in a medical malpractice lawsuit after complications from a surgery left a man in a coma.

According to the lawsuit, the incident began when the man was scheduled to undergo an operation on his heart. At some point during the operation, the surgeon reportedly left the room without completing the procedure. The lawsuit states that the man lost a great deal of blood during this period and began to suffer oxygen deprivation and slipped into a coma soon thereafter.

Defective medical devices: Lawsuit filed over knee implant flaws

Many patients in Tennessee and across the nation rely on a medical device to aid in treating a health condition. These individuals may also expect to be informed of any potential risks associated with a product, as dangerous or defective medical devices can pose a serious threat to the health of a patient. A medical device maker in another state has recently become the subject of a lawsuit after it failed to notify medical professionals of defects in certain replacement knees.

According to reports, the lawsuit was filed in relation to flaws in the knee replacements that allowed them to come loose from the bone. According to the lawsuit, these flaws can cause a patient to experience a variety of issues, such as severe pain and difficulty with mobility. In addition, patients who have a defective device implanted within them may be forced to endure multiple surgeries to remove the product and replace it with a functional one.

Man files medical malpractice lawsuit following death of wife

Patients in Tennessee and elsewhere who are scheduled to undergo major surgery generally rely on medical professions to be capable of safeguarding their health throughout the procedure. Should negligence be present in any form during such a procedure, the harm suffered can be severe, potentially resulting in further damage to his or her health, or worse. A man has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor following the decline of health and death of his wife.

The woman's death reportedly stems from complications from a catheter that was inserted following a back and spinal operation. Around a week after the surgery, she began to experience pain in the area where the catheter was inserted. Upon visiting a medical facility, a doctor reportedly ordered the catheter be removed temporarily. The woman came back to the doctor several weeks later with concerns she might have a urinary tract infection, and she was prescribed medication and sent home.

Trucking accidents: Collision involving semi injures 2, kills 1

Every motor vehicle accident has the potential to pose a threat to the health of a person, regardless of the types of vehicles involved. However, with the inherent increase in size and weight of vehicles such as a tractor-trailer, trucking accidents run a greater risk of ending in catastrophe. A recent collision involving a big rig in Tennessee has reportedly left two individuals with injuries and claimed the life of another.

According to authorities, the incident took place just before 11 a.m. on a recent Saturday. While attempting to slow down, the driver of a semitrailer asserts that the truck's brakes malfunctioned and that he attempted to maneuver into a nearby ditch. However, due to the speed at which the truck was moving, he was unable to bring it to a halt, and the rig reportedly sideswiped two nearby vehicles before veering into an oncoming lane and striking another head-on.

Medical malpractice: A deadly threat to all Americans

Tennessee readers know that when doctors, nurses and other health care providers make mistakes, it can have serious repercussions. Medical malpractice encompasses a wide range of errors, misdiagnoses and other missteps medical professionals sometimes make. Often, it is the result of negligence or reckless behaviors by doctors, nurses and others.

A recent study proves that medical malpractice is a more serious threat than most people realize. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death across the country. Medical mistakes lead to more time in the hospital, pain, serious complications and an enormous financial burden. Victims of malpractice have the right to seek financial compensation through a civil claim filed against the liable party, whether that is the hospital, medical practice or individual practitioner.

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