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May 2017 Archives

Your Risk For A C-Section Could Depend On The Hospital You Choose

In the United States, the surgery that happens most frequently is a cesarean section. In fact, nearly one out of three babies in the nation came into this world via a C-section. It’s a staggering statistic, especially when there is the potential for harm to mothers and babies in otherwise low-risk pregnancies.

Determining exact causes of trucking accidents can be tough

When Tennessee investigators approach an accident site, the cause of the crash is not always immediately apparent. Even when it appears one or another person may have caused a particular collision, sometimes evidence is later produced that shows something or someone else may, in fact, have been the cause. Trucking accidents often result in serious, if not fatal injuries to one or more people; family members who survive deceased accident victims often turn to the court to see that justice is served.

Defective drugs and medical devices in Tennessee hospitals

The need for medical care will never go away. Every day, someone in Tennessee calls a doctor, undergoes surgery or otherwise seeks medical attention. Because such care is often crucial to a person's recovery (in fact it may be life-saving) things like defective drugs and medical devices that malfunction should not be present in any medical facility throughout the state.

Birth injury, negligence and other medical malpractice issues

Most Tennessee women who enter hospitals in this state for the purpose of giving birth obviously expect that all medical professionals who care for them will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. Sometimes, things go wrong during some phase of labor and delivery. Other times, however, everything progresses smoothly until a doctor, nurse or other care provider becomes negligent in his or her duties and commits medical malpractice.

Trucking accidents on I-81 sometimes lead to drug charges

The sound of crunching steel and metal when a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision is something those who hear it are not soon to forget. In Tennessee and elsewhere, trucking accidents often leave those involved, as well as those who witness them, emotionally affected by what transpired. A recent crash involved a tractor-trailer whose driver reportedly did his best to try to avoid the collision.

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