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Birth injury, negligence and other medical malpractice issues

Most Tennessee women who enter hospitals in this state for the purpose of giving birth obviously expect that all medical professionals who care for them will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. Sometimes, things go wrong during some phase of labor and delivery. Other times, however, everything progresses smoothly until a doctor, nurse or other care provider becomes negligent in his or her duties and commits medical malpractice.

Arriving at a hospital in joyful anticipation to welcome a new baby into the world is one thing. Taking an injured infant back home simply because someone failed to do what they were supposed to is tragic. There are certain types of injuries said to be most common among newborns.

Many parents believe their children's cerebral palsy was a direct result of medical negligence. Cerebral palsy isn't exactly one specific ailment. It's more like a collection of various types of conditions, each of which adversely affects the brain's ability to properly function.

Brachial palsy is another frequently reported birth injury. A sign of this condition (otherwise know as Erb's palsy) is an inability to use one's hands and arms. Not performing a needed C-section in time as well as failure to recognize shoulder dystocia are some of the situations that can lead to severe brachial palsy.

Any type of medical malpractice is obviously upsetting, but injuries involving newborn babies are especially tragic. A parent facing such dire circumstances may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn for help. An experienced medical malpractice attorney is typically a great asset to have on one's side during such times in Tennessee.

Source:, "The Most Common Birth Injuries Within the Realm of Personal Injury Law", May 5, 2017

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