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July 2017 Archives

Cancer patient's parents accuse hospital of medical malpractice

In June 2016, a state on the West Coast enacted a new law concerning a highly controversial and much debated topic: assisted suicide. There is no current law in Tennessee allowing medical doctors to assist terminally ill patients to take their own lives; however, based upon the new law that was implemented in this other state, a cancer patient apparently requested the hospital's assistance so she could die. Her parents have since alleged that the hospital committed medical malpractice.

Your participation may prevent medication errors

Every year, thousands of people in Tennessee and elsewhere suffer the consequences of medical errors. Many of these mistakes are surgical, such as the removal of healthy body parts or one patient wrongfully undergoing surgery scheduled for another person. Many patients leave the hospital in worse condition after treatment due to additional injuries or infections -- often following medication errors.

Defective drugs and medical devices laws often change

Many Tennessee residents use prescription drugs or other procedures that include insertion of various devices that are meant to help improve their health conditions. Although it's impossible to predict a particular outcome, and whether a specific drug or device will help solve a particular problem, patients assume their doctors have their best interests at heart and are acting accordingly. All too often, however, defective drugs and medical devices wreak havoc across the nation when patients suffer severe injuries (or even death) in situations that may have been prevented.

Cars veering over medians key factor in many trucking accidents

The strips of land between opposing lanes of traffic on many Tennessee highways are meant to help keep motorists who share such roadways safe. However, a median is unlikely to prevent an accident if a vehicle veers out of its lane and crosses over the strip. In fact, many trucking accidents are caused by cars or other vehicles traveling through medians and into oncoming traffic.

Defective drugs and medical devices: Is marketing a key factor?

Many Tennessee residents may recall the tobacco crisis of the 1990s. That particular decade abounded with lawsuits against tobacco manufacturers and sales distributors who claimed they were fully aware of the health risks associated with tobacco products, but failed to properly inform consumers. Some current problems concerning defective drugs and medical devices appear eerily similar to the tobacco litigation of an earlier era.

How to address pain after hip replacement surgery

Statistically, hip replacement surgeries look great. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), approximately 95 percent of hip replacements are successful. It may have been a pretty easy decision for you to go ahead with your surgery. You were having hip pain, and you wanted to get it fixed. But what if you had the surgery and you are still experiencing hip pain?

Preventing potential drug errors is the best medicine

If you are like the vast majority of patients, when your doctor prescribes a medication, you take it, simple as that. You rely on his or her medical knowledge and expertise to know what's best for you. You may not even bother to read the accompanying prescription information, trusting in your doctor and pharmacist to tell you of any serious risks involved with the drug. That is their job, after all. Right?

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