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How to address pain after hip replacement surgery

Statistically, hip replacement surgeries look great. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), approximately 95 percent of hip replacements are successful. It may have been a pretty easy decision for you to go ahead with your surgery. You were having hip pain, and you wanted to get it fixed. But what if you had the surgery and you are still experiencing hip pain?

Why are you experiencing pain?

First, determine the cause of your lingering pain.

  • Dislocation: NIAMS reported that the most common problem after surgery is hip dislocation when the new, artificial hip ball detaches from the socket. Your artificial hip ball and socket is smaller than your original hip ball and socket. This makes it a lot easier for the hip to detach.
  • Loose particles: Overtime, friction can cause particles of the implant to detach and inflame surrounding tissue. Depending upon the severity of the pain, doctors may recommend several courses of action, including anti-inflammatory medication and revision surgery.
  • Surgical revisions necessary: Even if you do not have loose implant particles, you may need to consider revision surgery. In the United States, doctors recommend revision hip replacement surgeries after approximately 18 out of every 100 initial surgeries. Revision surgeries are recommended for a number of reasons including infection, breakdown of the implant or recurring hip dislocation post-surgery.
  • Faulty implants: There may be a problem with the implant itself. One hip implant used between 2006 and 2008, Zimmer Durom Cups, have caused a number of complications.

How do Zimmer Durom Cups cause complications?

Durom cups allowed doctors to perform hip replacement surgeries without the use of cement or screws. However, some of the fusions were faulty, and Durom cups loosened within patients, causing pain and complications. Doctors implanted Durom Cups in approximately 12,000 patients over their two years of use. Failure rates are shown to be as high as 30 percent, yet Zimmer failed to immediately pull their product.

If you had a hip replacement surgery between 2006 and 2008, check with your doctor to see if they used a Zimmer Durom Cup during your procedure.

What should you do next?

If you are experiencing pain, first contact your doctor. Schedule an appointment so that they can evaluate your hip. They will be able to recommend a course of action based on your pain level, and what they see during the evaluation. Ask if you are unsure what type of implant your doctor used during the surgery. You should know what type of device was used in order to understand how to proceed.

If you are worried that your hip implant is dysfunctional, consider contacting an attorney. A qualified lawyer will be able to answer your questions on possible re-imbursement, and advise you on protecting your interests.

For more information on Zimmer Durom Cup complications and recalls, visit, or speak with an attorney to determine what legal action may be taken on your behalf.

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