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Medical malpractice complaint alleges dirty surgical instruments

With the often-lifesaving state of modern medicine, many Tennessee individuals might not worry much about going in for a medical treatment, especially not one that isn't particularly dangerous. It may be hard for some patients to imagine, then, what it would be like to go to a podiatry clinic for a common procedure only to be left with a terrible infection due to unhygienic conditions. This upsetting scenario is exactly what a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state is alleging occurred.

Injurifes from slip-and-fall accidents often costly, permanent

Property owners and managers in Tennessee and across the United States are responsible for keeping their premises free from hazards and safe for the public. Despite this, thousands of people are injured annually in slip\-and\-fall accidents. Such a fall on a hard surface like a wet floor, an icy sidewalk or an unkempt parking lot frequently results in serious injuries that require costly medical treatments. Perhaps even worse, sometimes the injuries are chronic or even permanent.

Tennessee slip-and-fall accidents can be complex

When a member of the public is injured on Tennessee property due to the owner or manager's fault or negligence, the question of who is responsible isn't always clear-cut. For instance, if businesses hire management or maintenance companies to maintain their premises and then slip\-and\-fall accidents occur anyway, several parties may be liable for injuries incurred. Premises liability can be very complex with varying levels of responsibility, and the guidance of an experienced attorney is often beneficial in such cases.

Defective drugs and medical device cost Medicare billions

Despite a sharp increase in recalled medical devices during the first part of the 2000s, the federal government claims that it does not have adequate data that is needed to track problem devices. Despite this claim, Medicare recently disclosed that it spent $1.5 billion on defective cardiac devices in a single decade. Defective drugs and medical devices are much more than a financial drain; they are also a serious threat to the health and well-being of Tennessee patients.

When a heartburn drug does more than kill the heat

Heartburn, many Tennessee residents suffer with it almost daily. To combat the pain and discomfort, they turn to over-the-counter medications that do seem to help, but at what cost? Have you tried heartburn medications such as Nexium or Prilosec only to be diagnosed with a major medical issue as a result?

Defective drugs and medical devices can cause grave injury

Drug companies and the manufacturers of medical devices have a legal responsibility to make certain the products they create and sell are both safe and medically sound. Too many residents of Tennessee rely on these substances and items, often at the advice of their doctors; patients count on these things to improve their health and well-being. When defective drugs and medical devices cause serious injury, the results can prove catastrophic, if not fatal.

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