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January 2018 Archives

Cost of doctors' failure to communicate may leave you speechless

Whether you're heading to the hospital for a scheduled procedure or in an unexpected emergency, the experience is likely to be a stressful one. However, you should be able to rely on medical staff to make the process as stress-free as possible from beginning to end, from giving you the highest quality care to explaining your condition, treatment and other relevant health information in clear and comprehensive terms.

Tennessee trucking accidents over cause severe injuries

Collisions between commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers or semis and smaller vehicles are almost always serious, often resulting in serious injuries and/or loss of life. This is due mainly to the drastic size difference between the different types of vehicles. Sometimes, though, that same size difference still applies -- albeit on a lesser scale -- in trucking accidents between, for instance, a car and a pickup truck.

Medical malpractice suit filed after scalpel found in patient

A rather shocking incident of alleged medical negligence may have veterans and their loved ones more concerned than ever over the health care provided to retired military personnel. Thank goodness it didn't happen in Tennessee, but with Veterans Affairs hospitals all over the country, it very well could have. The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed only recently after the discovery of a scalpel that had apparently been left inside a patient four years prior.

Tennessee slip-and-fall accidents often due to others' negligence

In Tennessee and across the nation, thousands of individuals are injured every year, some seriously and permanently, when they slip and fall on public property. Occasionally, this is simply an unfortunate accident, such as when an individual simply wasn't watching where he or she was going. Often, however, slip-and fall accidents may instead be due to the negligence of property owners or employees by their failure to maintain safe premises.

Trucking accidents: Massive size can lead to catastrophic results

Due to their massive size, crashes involving tractor-trailers and semis are often devastating. Serious injuries and significant damage to other vehicles are quite common in these types of collisions. Sadly, many trucking accidents result not just in injured victims but in fatalities. 

High cost in suffering from defective drugs and medical devices

When a doctor or surgeon recommends a specific medication or medical device, most patients in Tennessee trust in that health care provider's knowledge and expertise. Sometimes, unfortunately, unbeknown to doctors, that very same medication or device that is intended to save a life or improve the health of patients is, in fact, faulty or even dangerous. When defective drugs and medical devices cause harm to patients, shouldn't someone be held responsible for the suffering that results?

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