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Danger may be near when sharing the road with tractor-trailers

Safe driving depends a lot on each individual vehicle operator. You may be cautious and alert behind the wheel, but the person nearest you on the highway may be reckless. That's a recipe for disaster. Some types of vehicles carry added risks simply because of their size, potential speed and other factors.

If you've ever been traveling along a Tennessee highway when a tractor-trailer comes barreling up behind, you know how terrifying it can be. Tractor-trailers can pose special dangers out on the roads given their large size and other unique characteristics. This is why restrictions and regulations associated with tractor-trailer driving are more stringent than with non-commercial vehicles.

If a collision involving one of these massive trucks takes place, there may be serious injuries or even fatalities involved. If you survive a crash with a tractor-trailer, it can be important to try to remain calm and seek immediate medical attention.

Why trucks can be so dangerous

Do you know that the average tractor-trailer is approximately 20-30 times heavier than the average passenger vehicle? Consider the impact of collisions at such substantial weights. The following list explains why tractor-trailers can carry added dangers:

  • These trucks have much more ground space than cars do underneath them. In fact, there's often enough space under a tractor-trailer for a car to land underneath it if a collision occurs. Such accidents are often fatal.
  • Even if a truck driver is paying close attention to the road, it generally takes such massive vehicles 20-40 percent more road space to come to a full stop over average-size vehicles.
  • If road conditions are poor at the time, it will take even longer for a big truck to stop.
  • Tractor-trailer drivers must stop driving for a while after 11 consecutive hours at the wheel. The problem is that many do not adhere to these rules, thus leaving others at risk for injury when they keep driving while extremely fatigued.
  • There were nearly 30 percent more fatalities, including pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists, as well as mother motorists in recent years than there were in 2009.

If a tractor-trailer driver fails to adhere to regulations, then causes you to suffer injury because of it, there's no reason you should have to bear the financial strain of the incident. It's important that you receive any and all medical care or living assistance you need to achieve as full a recovery as possible. Many Tennessee accident victims choose to seek legal accountability against those responsible for their injuries. 

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