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April 2019 Archives

Predictors for recalls of defective drugs and medical devices

When patients are prescribed a certain drug or medical device, they trust that it will help them manage their condition, or even facilitate healing. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that these same products that are meant to heal instead lead to harm. Some researchers even suggest that recalls for defective drugs and medical devices are on the rise across the country. There are several theories as to why that may be, which will hopefully inform Tennessee families and help them protect themselves.

Car accident claims life of motorcycle rider in Tennessee

With warmer weather setting in, many individuals have decided to park their cars or trucks and set out on the open road on a motorcycle. While riding a bike may provide a certain sense of excitement and freedom, there is also some level of risk involved, as motorcycle-related collisions can have dire consequences. A recent car accident involving a motorcycle in Tennessee has reportedly claimed the life of a 69-year-old man.

Is your loved one at risk in a Tennessee nursing home?

Like many adult children in Tennessee, you may have recently helped or are preparing to help your aging parent transition to an assisted living residence. There are any number of reasons why your loved one may no longer be able to live an independent lifestyle. You might feel overwhelmed and worried about finding a nursing home that helps your family member meet his or her needs.

Defective medical devices: FDA stops sale of mesh implants

Prior to having a medical device implanted within their bodies, patients in Tennessee and elsewhere may wish to know all the risks associated with the process. Unfortunately, defective medical devices have caused serious harm to a multitude of patients, and in some cases, the damage done could prove fatal. One product that has been the source of various lawsuits over recent years is transvaginal surgical mesh, and recent reports indicate that this product was recently taken off the market.

Errors in surgery lead to medical malpractice claim

Having to undergo a surgical procedure can be a scary experience and any complications from the operation could have a disastrous impact on a person's well-being. In some cases, errors during surgery can even prove fatal, and families in Tennessee who lose a loved one due to the negligent actions of a medical professional may be left in search of answers. A jury recently awarded a judgment of nearly $5 million to a woman's estate in a recent medical malpractice lawsuit after a surgery left her with injuries that eventually proved fatal.

High-speed car accident injures 1, kills 2 in Tennessee

Collisions that take place at a high rate of speed can have disastrous consequences. Drivers who operate a vehicle at excessive speeds have a greater chance of creating an unfortunate scenario, and those who encounter such negligence may find it nearly impossible to steer out of harm's way. A recent head-on car accident involving similar circumstances has reportedly left one person with severe injuries and claimed the lives of two others in Tennessee.

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