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Defective medical devices: Implant leaves 1 with metal poisoning

There are a multitude of individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere who have medical products implanted in their bodies to assist in the management of a variety of health conditions. Unfortunately, these devices might not always produce the intended results, and in some cases, such a device could do more harm than good. Defective medical devices run the risk of creating a variety of health concerns, and recent reports indicate that a metal on metal hip implant caused one woman to suffer from metal poisoning.

Defective medical devices: Warnings not written on the label

Companies in Tennessee and elsewhere that manufacture medical devices are required to inform potential patients of the possible risks associated with their products. However, some might not always receive all the necessary information about a device prior to making a decision, especially when these concerns are concealed. Those who suffer serious harm due to defective medical devices may wish to know about their options for seeking restitution, especially if they were unaware of the level of risk involved.

Predictors for recalls of defective drugs and medical devices

When patients are prescribed a certain drug or medical device, they trust that it will help them manage their condition, or even facilitate healing. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that these same products that are meant to heal instead lead to harm. Some researchers even suggest that recalls for defective drugs and medical devices are on the rise across the country. There are several theories as to why that may be, which will hopefully inform Tennessee families and help them protect themselves.

Defective medical devices: FDA stops sale of mesh implants

Prior to having a medical device implanted within their bodies, patients in Tennessee and elsewhere may wish to know all the risks associated with the process. Unfortunately, defective medical devices have caused serious harm to a multitude of patients, and in some cases, the damage done could prove fatal. One product that has been the source of various lawsuits over recent years is transvaginal surgical mesh, and recent reports indicate that this product was recently taken off the market.

Defective medical devices: Claim filed re defective IVC filter

In a perfect world, all medical products would work as advertised and intended. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and in addition to having the potential of doing little to help treat the condition of a patient in Tennessee, defective medical devices could also pose a threat to his or her health. A woman in another state was recently awarded a substantial monetary judgment after filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers of an intravenous filter.

Risk of defective medical devices being approved too quickly

There are a multitude of patients in Tennessee and elsewhere who have suffered serious harm at the hands of a drug or medical device. Defective medical devices or drugs can place the health of a patient at risk and open him or her up to a variety of potentially catastrophic consequences. While the process of approval for medications is lengthy and stringent, the same cannot be said for medical devices.

Defective medical device: FDA vows to change methods of approval

There are a multitude of individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere who have medical devices implanted in their bodies to assist with everyday treatment and care. Many consider the testing procedures that govern these products to be lacking, especially since a defective medical device can pose a significant threat to a person's health. However, recent reports indicate that The Food and Drug Administration plans to revise the procedures involved with approving medical devices.

Cutting edge technology and defective medical devices

There are a multitude of devices that are used to assist with the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, many of which may pose little to no threat to a person's well-being. Unfortunately, some products can be dangerous, and defective medical devices could leave a person with permanent or potentially fatal injuries. Recent studies suggest that as companies in Tennessee and elsewhere are constantly taking measures to be on the cutting edge of technology, steps must be taken to ensure products are properly tested in the process.

A defective medical device can place one's health at risk

Many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere have undergone procedures to implant a medical device within their bodies. While these devices are designed to assist in the treatment of a condition or prevent further injuries, if any defects or flaws are present, the consequences a patient may suffer can be severe. Those who suffer harm due to a defective medical device may wish to pursue restitution, but they might be uncertain about the next steps to take.

The potential consequences of using dangerous medical products

Before individuals in Tennessee purchase a medical product, they may wish to gain a better understanding of the potential risks involved with its use. While manufacturers are required to list all risks or side effects associated with a product on the warning label, unfortunately, this doesn't always occur. Dangerous medical products can cause substantial harm to a person's health, and a recent lawsuit has been filed after a woman claimed that exposure to talcum powder left her with mesothelioma.

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