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Car accidents: Pedestrian severely injured in drunk driving crash

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be dangerous, and a similar decision can place the safety of everyone nearby at risk. Far too many families have experienced loss in car accidents involving similar acts of negligence. A man has recently been arrested and charged with DUI after he hit a pedestrian before fleeing the scene of the accident in Tennessee.

Trucking accidents: Motorcyclist dies after being hit by semi

Motorcycles offer far less protection for their riders that other vehicles provide their occupants during an accident. Because of this, collisions involving motorcycles can have disastrous consequences, especially when a commercial vehicle is involved. Trucking accidents involving motorcycles can be exceedingly devastating, and each runs the unfortunate risk of proving fatal. A recent collision involving a tractor-trailer and a motorcycle has claimed the life of an 18-year-old man in Tennessee.

Trucking accidents: Overturned tractor-trailer hits and kills man

With the inherent size and weight of a tractor-trailer, the risk of overturning in a curve is always present. Trucking accidents involving an overturned semi can be disastrous, and for those nearby, reacting in time to avoid collision can be challenging. A 21-year-old man has died after a tractor-trailer reportedly struck him and the vehicle he was standing next to during a recent accident in Tennessee.

Trucking accidents: Collision involving semi injures 2, kills 1

Every motor vehicle accident has the potential to pose a threat to the health of a person, regardless of the types of vehicles involved. However, with the inherent increase in size and weight of vehicles such as a tractor-trailer, trucking accidents run a greater risk of ending in catastrophe. A recent collision involving a big rig in Tennessee has reportedly left two individuals with injuries and claimed the life of another.

Tennessee trucking accidents over cause severe injuries

Collisions between commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers or semis and smaller vehicles are almost always serious, often resulting in serious injuries and/or loss of life. This is due mainly to the drastic size difference between the different types of vehicles. Sometimes, though, that same size difference still applies -- albeit on a lesser scale -- in trucking accidents between, for instance, a car and a pickup truck.

Trucking accidents: Massive size can lead to catastrophic results

Due to their massive size, crashes involving tractor-trailers and semis are often devastating. Serious injuries and significant damage to other vehicles are quite common in these types of collisions. Sadly, many trucking accidents result not just in injured victims but in fatalities. 

New Tennessee program hopes to educate on trucking accidents

Car accidents, even minor fender-benders, are bad enough to ruin most people's days. Trucking accidents, though, are usually immeasurably worse, as the sheer size of the vehicles involved tends to mean catastrophic and often fatal results. Now, a new program in Tennessee is attempting to address this issue.

Where to seek support following Tennessee trucking accidents

The obvious weight disparity between tractor-trailers and average size automobiles makes it easy to understand why collisions between these types of vehicles often result in fatalities or serious injuries. Not only might physical recoveries following trucking accidents be lengthy and arduous, the undue financial toll such incidents can take on families is often challenging to overcome as well. This is one of many reasons recovering Tennessee truck accident victims often file claims against truck drivers and their employers based upon evidence of negligence.

Living through the aftermath of Tennessee trucking accidents

Among the many types of situations that can cause anxiety and stress while driving, having a tractor-trailer come barreling up behind you on the highway is definitely high on the list. In fact, many motorists would rather take an alternate route that leads out of their way if it means that chances of avoiding these massive vehicles may be increased. Trucking accidents often plague Tennessee roadways, many times resulting in fatalities or life-threatening injuries.

Logical to assume FedEx trucking accidents may delay deliveries

There may have been Tennessee residents waiting for FedEx deliveries who had to wait longer than expected recently. Although no information was provided as to whether the commercial truck that crashed was carrying deliveries at the time, it's to be expected that trucking accidents like this one could cause substantial service delays. In this particular situation, the FedEx driver is believed to have been negligent.

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